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Everyone on earth has ever heard the phrase “girls’ best friends are diamonds,” but no one has ever wondered why diamonds are exactly? The symbolic understanding of diamond in Europe is vast: courage, fearlessness, constancy, prosperity, material success, high social status, joy, pride. A modern girl believes that a diamond gives her confidence and status. And before they said that diamond is also visible in the mud. Diamonds are very beautiful and hard stones, but in its place, there can be any other worthy stone, at least, for example, a ruby.

Ruby is a very beautiful stone; it is even equated with jewels to diamond. This is a very rare, valuable and hard stone. It symbolizes regality, strength, dignity, and beauty.

No wonder this stone was chosen as the basis of the casino. The casino took the ruby ​​as a basis and made not only a logo in honor of it but also the name and design of the entire site. It is not surprising that the choice fell on this particular stone because for a casino to be popular and demandable, it must have something to hook users and this casino knows how to attract. Since ruby ​​means regality, the casino boasts its cool and unique design and simple structure. Beauty is in everything here, starting from the main page, where you can see a very wonderful design, as well as functionality and ending with all the pages that are on the site. This stone also means dignity, one cannot argue with this since there are plenty of advantages at the casino: strong encryption protection, usability, fast payments, nice bonuses, and many more unique features.

There have not yet been such well-thought-out and beautiful casinos at the same time On the Internet. This casino has collected all the positive features that will be discussed later, but it is worth noting one important feature – honesty. No wonder the casino has so many fans around the world.

It is worth noting that most popular casinos have a button as instant play, which means that the player can immediately start playing. Ruby Fortune was not too lazy and did just the same, because it is very convenient and affordable. To play any game on this site you just need to click play now, that is, instant play on the main page of the casino and you can immediately play your favorite game.


“Ruby Fortune” – this is the name of one of the most successful and reliable online casinos. This is a solid institution on the software of one of the market leaders, capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding connoisseurs of gambling entertainment on the Internet. Fans from all over the world come to this casino to play their favorite 2021 games. They choose this casino for various reasons, but there are such a well-known proverb “good clothes open all doors”, it can be freely attributed to this casino, since the casino cover initially attracted everyone.

Ruby Fortune Casino was established in 2003, and it quite successfully began its career, because not every institution is given to become successful and recognizable from the very beginning. Nevertheless, this casino succeeded. Even though the casino has a considerable age, it is not an old casino with old games and non-modern mechanisms, it is a completely new premium casino with a huge amount of experience, resources and a large number of games.

The casino is one of those casinos that are part of The Palace. It is owned by Malta, a Bayton Limited company licensed by the local Lottery and Gambling Authority. It is also worth noting that Ruby Fortune uses the popular Microgaming software.

The casino collaborates with eCOGRA, as evidenced by the certificate of this organization, laid out for public access. This is a huge plus of this casino, since not every gaming establishment is ready to upload any certificates because most modern casinos are scammers.

The first thing that needs to be said is the site design, like the ruby ​​stone itself, the site is designed in the same nice color. The ruby ​​color is very pleasing to the eye and not a bit distracting from reading the site and playing the games. On the main page of the gaming casino, you can see the promo, but it is not intrusive like most other analogs, it is very pleasant and not annoying. One slide shows a welcome bonus of 750 euros and encourages you to start playing, and the second slide has a very bright and beautiful picture of the characters of all existing games in this casino.

It is worth saying that the designers did their best because the characters of the games look like the ones of some popular cartoon, which cannot but rejoice, because high-quality content is very important now.

There ender the casino screensaver you can find categories of games; the color of the icons is not catchy, their color is gray, it made for a reason that you would not pay attention to the catchy design and calmly choose the category that you need. Because many casinos sin by the fact that along with the categories, they also mold all existing games and it becomes very difficult to choose a game, it is simply impossible to navigate. Therefore, it is another plus in the treasury of this wonderful casino.

Among the categories of games, you can find casino games where are presented the latest, brightest and coolest ones. These games can not be compared with any others. The second important section is Slots because every self-respecting casino should have a classic category as slots in its arsenal. This category is suitable for absolutely all users, fans of nostalgia will like this idea, and beginners will discover something new for themselves. After all, before the advent of online casinos, there were private gaming houses and several slot machines where you had to pull the lever to start the reels. Now everything is simpler, to start the game in an offline casino you need to click on the button and expect that you will get those cherished three cherries or three cards. With the emergence of online casinos, it has become much easier to play your favorite slots, now you don’t need to pull, growl and press buttons, just go to the Ruby Fortune Casino and then everything will become clear since the structure of this gaming service is very simple. Ruby Fortune Casino chooses the best for its users, which means it takes care of the comfort, safety and good mood of each player. Therefore, in the assortment of casino’s games, you can always find delightful games for an exciting pastime and get a unique experience in the best casino in the whole world.

It is worth noting that the best and coolest games collected here for a reason because Ruby Fortune Casino works with the most popular and time-tested game providers, namely Microgaming. This casino software providers will grant you the best and most popular games in 2021.

The graphics in this casino are the most impeccable because creators were spent a lot of effort, time and experience to create this site. Everything for each player to be as comfortable and safe as possible to play here.

The third section, called blackjack, is pleased to welcome and accept gamblers from all over the world including Canada, Spain, etc.

Everyone at least once thought about what kind of thing would be one or the other stuff. Slightly childish thoughts, but they also have a right to exist. But what if the world-famous blackjack card game was food, what name will it have? We have an answer and this is a cake. Because games are as attractive as the cake, it is also a reward, for example, after a hard day’s work. This casino motivates everyone to win with its sweet descriptions, amazing design and nice rewards in the form of bonus code, free spins, credits, promo codes, no deposit bonus, and even free games.

The fourth and important section is the well-known roulette. It is worth agreeing that the casino would not be called that way if it had not had such a game as roulette in its arsenal. Many can say that other games, such as video games, casino games, slots, and card games, are also the basis of every casino, it is so, but roulette is the main and most important game of all generations, the most nostalgic game where they bet on white or on red. An unforgettable experience, vivid emotions, and great rewards.

Board games are the favorites of all users from all over the world, as these games are relaxing.

The jackpots section cannot but rejoice, because if this section is on the site, it means that there are huge jackpots that every gambler can win if he makes an effort and invests experience in the game. This casino is famous for its chic generous welcome bonus. Since the key advantage of this casino is generosity, the jackpot is not the only bonus from this gaming establishment. Along with a progressive jackpot, all players have the opportunity to receive also free spins, credits, promo codes, no deposit bonus and bonus code on each deposit. If you still do not sure to play this casino, you need to read some reviews on google. Also, it is worth considering that the jackpots here are the largest in the history of online casinos.

The seventh, but not the last section is video poker, a very bright game that everyone will like.

It’s impossible to get lost on the site of this casino because the menu is located on the top right near the login button. In the main menu, you can find various sections such as games – where all the games of the casino house are collected, promotions – a list of generous bonuses and gifts, as well as for instructions on how to get them and promo codes. Winners – is a motivational section where you can see how much money this or that player won. Banking – will tell you which payments system exists there, how quickly is to withdraw money, and which countries can participate. About us – here is all the information about the casino that you would like to know. Contact us – this section was created to contact the administrators or managers of the site on any issues related to the casino or any problems encountered by users. Language – simple button where you can choose the language that matches your country or the language that will be most convenient for you to use. Create an account – this section should not be presented since at first glance everything is clear; if you are not yet a player in the most reliable casino in the world, then you should click on this button and finally create your account and receive generous bonuses from the best casino. Sign in – just for those who already have an account, go in and win jackpots in your favorite games.

Award program

A casino that has a multi-million audience should have the appropriate qualities to maintain its status and attract new users. This casino does not graze back among other casinos that are famous for their bonus programs. ruby fortune has an excellent bonus program because they care about the comfort of the client, therefore, for all users who play at this casino to be happy was invented a system of generous bonuses. While other online casinos scream about their bonuses and give them out only to new ones, that is, to those who have just registered, rubyfortune always pleases its regular customers. Everyone knows that bonuses and gifts will please even the most skeptical people. To enjoy the game it was several times more pleasant for all new players to receive no deposit bonus of 700 euros.

To receive the bonus you just need to register at the casino, deal with a simple questionnaire, enter all your data and wait until the bonus arrives at your account. Creators know that pleasant bonuses will only provoke fun. When you know that a huge pleasant surprise awaits you, there is a motivation for further achievements and wins.

To receive bonuses, free spins you must first check your wallet for money. If the necessary amount is available, then it is time to play for real money and real emotions.

After you register and put your first money into a casino deposit, you will receive a 100% match bonus of 250 euros. This is the so-called welcome bonus, the casino is very glad that they are joined by another gambler who will be able to win a lot of money in the future because the casino does absolutely everything so that users will be happy and win every day.

For regular customers, there is also a reward system. After the user has deposited money into the account for the second time, he will also receive a 100% match bonus and up to 250 euros for his favorite games in the most reliable casino center A third deposit payment is guaranteed to bring each user up to 250 euros, excellent mood, and a 100% match bonus.

To please yourself with great games and decent bonuses you need to check your electronic or physical wallet for £ 20, this is the minimum amount at to start playing and winning.

Do not forget that the casino also hosts other raffles, promotions and other promotional events that can ultimately bring such nice bonuses in the form of bonus code, free spins, promo codes, no deposit bonus, and even free games. We highly recommend each user to subscribe to the newsletter so as not to miss a single advantageous offer.


Even though the casino was created back in 2003, when online casinos were still not so popular, this does not mean that the casino is outdated. On the contrary, this casino keeps up to date, has strong protection in the form of encryption, modern games, attractive design, as well as innovation in the world of online casinos – a mobile version.

Have you ever had such a thing as if something is missing? We know what you have missed all this time; this is a mobile application from Ruby Fortune Casino. Exaggerating the merits is very difficult. The mobile version of the online casino gives all users access to completely new, latest and most exciting games. Any player can find a slot to their liking. If you are a lover of bright emotions, love impressions then the world of video poker is waiting for you – a fascinating section that will plunge you into the coolest games of this casino. Maybe your preferences are a little outdated, but they cannot be called bad, because the felt-tip pens are different in taste and color, and you like classic slots and there is nothing bad in it. 3-reel slots will conquer you with their classics and remind you of the times when you played offline in old, but such dear one-armed bandits. If you are a roulette lover, then Ruby Fortune has good news for you – there are several types of roulette that you have not tried, we are a hundred percent sure. Real emotions are only for real gamblers, so if you have a desire to prove yourself, your experience and your skills you definitely should choose a game with a real dealer.

Baccarat, blackjack, and keno all these long-known and beloved games are available in the mobile version of this casino. Do not waste a minute, because the jackpot will not win itself, and bonuses will not take themselves.

We all know that a trip to the sea or on vacation is always a debt, a debilitating road that requires strength and patience. It’s much more pleasant to spend these hours on something fascinating, for example, playing in a casino. Now it is possible, it is the 21st century and the century of information technology and carrying a whole casino with thousands of games in your pocket is not a problem now. Therefore, Ruby Fortune offers you a choice of mobile casinos that you can play along the way. You just have to choose whether you want to play your favorite games in the flash version of the casino or download the mobile application, which will always be nearby.

The developers did their best because they managed to develop an excellent mobile version that is suitable for all devices including mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. It is worth noting that accessibility is a key advantage of the casino, so all users of Android and iOS can use the mobile casino. Flash version or mobile app – what will you choose?


What can make a successful and popular casino even more successful? Of course, first-class user support.

Every person on earth can say how nice it is when there is a person nearby who will always help you, solve a certain problem, or simply just be silent with you. Sometimes these qualities can be in different people, that is, one can help to solve the problem in a particular area, the other will tell you what to do in particular situation, the third will always support and come to you at any time of the day or year. However, not so often some people contain all these qualities at once. Certainly, these are our parents, but if we talk about friends and acquaintances, not everyone can indeed boast of such a list of qualities.

Speaking of casinos, it should be noted that not all gaming sites have affordable and high-quality support. Ruby Fortune is distinguished by its availability and reliability, as mentioned earlier, this gaming cafe has been popular for more than 10 years; since 2003 and till 2021. This information is worthy of attention since poor-quality services will never be in the top.

Speaking about the customer support service on this site,it is important to note that the support managers work seven days a week, so they are ready to consider your application and give you an extended and timely solution at any time of the day. Also, the support service does not have holidays or even weekends, because this casino has its strategy and is aimed at ensuring that all players feel comfortable, reliable and entertaining, as well as secure in this gaming cafe.

If you have any question or problem, or if you are faced with a new and incomprehensible situation, then write to Ruby Fortune support team to get advice and high-quality answers to your questions.

To discuss issues and problems, we recommend you to write an email to support mail or call by phone, which will be much faster. In addition to the international phone, there are also available separate free numbers for players from Australia, Canada, and the UK. You have the opportunity to read a review of this casino on google if you are not sure about any of the listed statements. You can also ask for help in online chat.

It is worth repeating that support is available around the clock and seven days a week. A lot of useful information can be found in the FAQ section. This information is especially relevant for those who have just joined Ruby Fortune and only understand how the casino works and what needs to be done to get profitable bonuses.

Money Deals

There is available to usepounds, euros, US dollars, Canada dollars. To play in the best institution, you need the appropriate finances, so before you register and click on the button to receive your first no deposit bonus, make sure that you have enough funds on your electronic or physical wallet to start the game.

The casino is very accessible since deposits are accepted in a large number of ways, including all major bank cards as PayPal, Ukash, Neteller, ClickandBuy, EntroPay and others. Many of them are allowed to use to withdraw money. Therefore, no user should have problems in banking. If you still have some problems, then you should carefully read the previous paragraph, since the surest and fastest way to solve any of your problems regarding the casino is customer support or just click the link Learn More.

This casino allowed to withdraw only up to ten thousand euros during the day. This is a very good offer since it is allowed to withdraw no more than two thousand dollars in most online casinos. Therefore, if you are a gambler and hit the jackpot in one of your favorite games, then you are very lucky, this casino will allow you to withdraw the entire amount. If your winning is more than standard available amount to withdraw, then you has a limit. You can withdraw only four thousand pounds.


To draw the conclusion, one can say that the site deserves attention, as it is designed with a soul. Everyone knows that to do something truly worthwhile you need to work hard; nothing can be built do without experience, love, and skill. This online casino was made to glory because it is at the top of the best online casinos in the world.

Once again, it is worth saying that visually the casino looks very worthy, the ruby color is very pleasing to the eye and the ruby and game cubes are so beautifully drawn that we want to not only look at them but also play a live game.

The bonus program here is no worse than in many casinos because the first three deposits allow you to win up to 800 euros, and the welcome bonus is so generous that you can’t even believe that the casino can provide such a bonus.

The mobile application looks even more attractive than a casino on a stationary computer because the developers have done a good job and created such a suitable mobile version that it adapts to any phone.

User support is at the highest level, working without days off and holidays, trained personnel always provide modern and quick help, and also answers all user questions.

You do not need to go and register with another bank to withdraw money, because the casino provides a wide selection of payment systems. You can withdraw up to ten thousand euros in one day, which will please avid players because they always want to withdraw their winnings immediately.

It is not worth worrying about security, because all user data, as well as passwords and card numbers, are under secure protection and encryption. Therefore, no one will be able to get your data, intercept it or hack your account.

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