Ruby Slots Casino Fair Review

There are many online casinos available for gambling but you hardly can find another one gambling facility which can compete in generosity with the Ruby Slots casino. Here you will find everything that is so valuable for real gamblers – from the generous welcome offer to outstanding promotions and very simple and rewarding VIP program.

When you enter the online casino you can feel that it is one of the most atmosphere places for the gamblers ever invented. In the majority of the online casinos you do not really know whether you have entered a gambling facility or just a website, while it is felt in every element of the design.

Make sure that you have provided yourself with the sufficient information on promotions and bonus codes enforced in the online casino to get it all from the benefits provided by the casino administration as you really can hardly find another such casino.

In order to do that we will provide you mainly with the information concerning promotions of the Casino Ruby Slots rather than other features as this is the section that has to be studied up by any gamblers that has ever dealt with the online casinos.


Due to the fact the majority of the online casinos want to attract more and more players, most of them are launching various marketing campaigns with promo codes granting different benefits like free pins, cashback, no deposit bonuses etc. However, that is not always effective due to the fact there are only few online casinos that provide really client-oriented bonus codes which satisfy gamblers the most.

In order to find the type of the bonus you really want it is necessary to choose the online casino that has advanced promo codes enabled which can be a really hard task, especially when there are thousands of them and most of those look very similar when it comes to the bonus codes and gambling activity.

However, for the Ruby Slots Casino you can find really valuable offers which you won’t find anywhere else and there are many of them which means that you can combine one bonus code with another and get a rapid boost of your balance and chances to win prizes and jackpot.

When it comes to the no deposit bonuses there are no current offers here, however, sometime the launched various programs and promo codes that allow you to gain a free no deposit bonus with real money which you can use to gamble in slot machines, roulette, poker and all other games.

In this section of the review we have provided a full info about the promo codes available on the website – you will get a list and a detailed description of each offer which available to all players of the casino.

Most of the bonus codes offered by the casino are available to all of the players that create account there, however, some of those are more valuable than others, and there are few offers that only can be used by the most loyal gamblers – usually those who participate actively in the casino’s VIP program which is going to be described in details further.

Now let’s get to the case and start with the welcome pack offer – an outstanding and very generous gift of the Casino Ruby Slots to all its players.

Welcome Pack

Most of the users look for the online casinos with the most profitable welcome packs to get all of the benefits right after the moment of registration. This can be rather demanding, though if you have chosen the casino Ruby Slots you are a lucky guy. The thing is that here you can find the most generous and outstanding welcome offers – and there are really two of them, and you can choose the one you really want.

There are not so many online casinos that let the gamblers to make choice when it comes to the welcome bonus code. Usually, all you can do is just get another kind of bonus after you have gained the welcome pack. However, the Ruby Slots Casino makes it all to satisfy the players and give them as qualitative service as possible. Thus, when you get signed up to the online casino you can claim as much as two welcome packs choosing among of them:

  • 250% match bonus for slots and keno
  • 100% bonus funds on your account for all kind of games

In the sections below we are going to provide you with the detailed overview of each of the welcome bonuses provided by this outstanding online gambling facility.

250% Match Bonus

What is the main thing that has to be said about this bonus code? Well, there are two things that you really need to know. First one will surprise all those who have got used to the standard welcome bonuses that are provided by the majority of online casinos – here you can claim this bonus for the sum that doesn’t exceed as much as 2 500 USD. You hardly can find such a generous offer in another online casino presented on the market as the majority make bonus codes that allow you to gain no more than couple of hundreds dollars and only the generous ones provide welcome bonuses for more than $1000. And here you get $2500 – isn’t that exciting?

What is more about this bonus code there is no wager. No, really, if you have already dealt with the online casinos you know that all of them apply wagers for the bonus funds and here there is no such a limitation which means that you literally can take what you win once you want, and there are no special requirements for it. There is no even cash out limits. Cash out limits are usually enforced by the online casinos to make sure that players do not gain too much benefits from the bonus funds, while you can get withdrawn as much as you have won no matter what is the sum that you have gained.

It has to be mentioned that there is only one limitation – you only can use this promo code when you play Keno and slots, thus there is no option to use it for card games or roulette. Well, it is still one of the most generous offers we have met in the internet. It has to be also underlined that this is a promo code available for new players, not the old ones – usually such outstanding offers are provided for the players that have gambled much and participate in the VIP program. So even if there would be only this bonus code for the new players you could already call it even too generous. However, that is not all – there is also another welcome bonus which you can benefit from. It is not the no deposit bonus, however, it is still very generous too.

100% Bonus Funds for All Games

This kind of promo code makes it possible for you to claim as much as $1000 if you deposit $1000 and you can use these funds to play in any kind of game. It is a huge offer for the first deposit. All other casinos that offer as much as $1000 welcome pack usually act in other way. They provide the bonus in several deposits. For example, 4 or 5 deposit where you can get several hundreds of bucks for each deposits and the sum for all deposits makes $100 or a bit more.

Here you can get $1000 from the first deposit. Of course, it can be challenging to provide such a large deposit as a first one, however, it is really worthy. As you can see on the picture above the wager makes 30 for all the games except blackjack and other table games. It should be mentioned that wager means the minimum amount of stakes that you need to make in order to be able to withdraw funds from your account. That is how that works – if you have made a deposit of $1000, then you get $1000 on your bonus account after you redeem the promo code and you need to make stakes on $30 000 for the majority of games and $60 000 for blackjack and other games to be able to withdraw the funds you have won.

That are rather fair terms as the majority of the online casinos enforce much bigger wagers – from 45 to 90. It is much better than couple of bucks of no deposit bonuses, right?

You can redeem one of the promo codes using the code that has been pointed out on the promotion page. Note that this data is eligible for year 2021 and is available for the players from Canada.

Red Hot Promotions

What you really should know about the Ruby Slots Casino is that the promotions you can find here are really generous both for the new players and those who is playing here for some time.

The majority of the online casinos make it all to limit the benefits the players can get in order to increase their revenue so they make it all to find out new formulas that allow to make player think that they make a good deal. They provide the most generous giveaways rarely like once a week or once a month, so you cannot get an access to bonus funds or free spins any time you want. Moreover, even if you are granted with the free spins you usually can use them only on the specified slot machine and get portions of the spins per day. For example, if you get 50 free spins you can get 10 spins per day during 5 days and use them only on the specified slot. That is not really the approach that can be called client oriented. So when it comes to the website you can find here really unique offers.

At first, there is no limitation to the amount of times you can use promo codes and there are no daily limitations. In some online casinos you can use the coupons only on the specified days, while you can use them any day in the month. Moreover, you can choose among the different coupons. Okay, now it is time to become more specific about the terms of the special offers for players.

This first bonus allows you to double your deposit and get as much as 100% of the bonus funds. As you can see there has been enforced wager which makes 30 and the maximum cash out which makes 10x. Max cash out is calculated by the formula – deposit bonus multiplied by the max cash out coefficient. For example, you have claimed a $500 bonus, that means that you can withdraw a winning that doesn’t exceed $5000. Concsidering the fund, you have no limitation on the number of times to redeem the promo code, this is really generous offer.

The two other bonuses also need to be reviewed in details. At first, you can see that the second bonus code which provide you with 160% additional funds there are the same conditions enforced like for the first one. Well, it is all up to you which one to use – maybe you want to get as much as possible from your promo code and you have different strategies which demand different amount of bonus funds – you can choose and decide with the

At last, the third bonus is really a breakthrough – just get as much as 200% bonus funds on your account and withdraw without any limitations. There is no wager, no max cash out – take all that is your without any restrictions. However, the bonus is only eligible for the slots and Keno games. It would be a good idea to compare these bonuses with those that have been provided for the new players. You are going to see that they are very much alike and that is for a reason – they are almost similar, only the coefficients of the additional funds can vary.

Well, that is much better than no deposit bonuses or free spins which you can barely use in other online casino – as here you can play on additional funds multiplied to your account without any limitations.

There are also other promotions that are bounded to the special events or dates – however, they always change and you can find more about them if you sign up to this outstanding online casino.

By the way, you shouldn’t miss the fact that this is not all about the benefits players can claim in the online casino as here you can also find an outstanding VIP program which supplements generous welcome offer and promotions.

VIP Program

In this section we are going to review more than generous VIP program launched by the Ruby Slots Casino. It is developed to motivate players gamble more and motivate the most dedicated users with the outstanding offers and bonuses.

It has to be mentioned that all the players that have signed in to the online casino participate in the VIP Program and there is no chance you won’t be invited at all as there are many things you can get when you have entered the privileged club.

In order to become the high class member of the club all you need to do is to make bets and gamble. Your status fully depends on the sum of stakes you have made and you can feel all the benefits from your VIP status if you play in this online casino much.

At, first, you should know that there are 5 levels you can reach in the vIP program launched by the online casino, so make sure you have some patience if you want to reach the highest one.

Here are the first two levels. As you can see each time you reach the new level you are going to get bonus funds on your account for free. There are really no such online casinos providing such a level of generosity when it comes to VIP program as this can be claimed like the no deposit bonus, however, unlike the majority of other online casinos here you get such a bonus when you already play- not as a welcome bonus, and you also get as much as several hundreds of bucks instead of $10 or $5. That is why we can say that the Ruby Slots Casino knows how to reward loyalty of the gambler.

As you can see in the terms of the VIP program you can earn Comp points for the specified sum which varies from level to level. The higher is your level the less you need to wager in order to get 1 Comp point and that is for the reason – the players of the high levels need to feel they are really appreciated and rewarded.

You can also see that after you have reached the last fifth level you get as much as $1000 which means you really can play free games as you are getting free funds which allow you to win real money.

Make also a note that for the higher levels you also get personalized and very generous offers and promotions. Let’s make a step back and analyze the outstanding offers that you get when you just login first time to the online gambling facility or just play in the casino and think how outstanding can be personalized offers in this casino.

It really can be hardly said about any casino in the internet that it allows players to play free games, however, when it comes to the – you really have an impression that casino only rewards instead of taking from you.

With such a generous program which meets you when you play and which allows you to get such an amount of free money what can be said about other modules in the online casino? Are there any other outstanding features? Well, the answer is totally yes.

Instant Play or Client? Mobile or Desktop Gambling?

There are all options available for the gamblers from the Canada and other countries in the world. No matter what kind of platform you want to use it is still possible for you to benefit from the outstanding online casino services as much as you want on the constant basis. Do you want an instant play from your PC? Well, there is no problem in providing that with the outstanding and well-optimized website Do you want to play using your mobile phone using the browser installed in it? Well, you can do it as the website is totally mobile optimized and there is no difference where from you are going to redeem your 50 free spins.

You also can ask is there a mobile app for Android or iOS? Well, there is no app developed as mobile gambling can be provided via the website where all you need is a stable internet connection and last version of the browser – Mozilla, Chrome or Safari – any of them on your choice.

So you can both enjoy mobile and desktop gambling, and when it comes to your PC you can even claim the outstanding feature available in the casino which is called the client which you can install and download to have an immediate access to gambling from your desktop. Just press the corresponding button on the website and do not hesitate to install an app on your PC and enjoy playing slot machines and free games from any place you want.

It has to be underlined that approach to the platforms in the Ruby Slots Casino is fully responding the standards of online casinos enforced in 2021 – you can both play on your mobile phone or on your PC, and this is a valuable feature for gamblers in Canada and other countries.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, it can be said that this is the unique gambling facility which has to be valued by players in Canada and all around the world. You really hardly can find such a generous online casino which has no shortcomings when you see how the gamblers are treated here.

There are no hidden bonuses or tricky conditions which can spoil all the joy from the gambling experience like in some other casinos and this website is totally fit for players in Canada and other countries where there is a need in high-quality casino websites.

If you want to find a place with the most advanced policies towards the gamblers in the 2021 the Ruby Slots casino surely needs to be considered as an option no matter what.

Brent Bailey